The aroma of delicious snacks, colourful lifestyle, rich cultural and the alluring architectural heritage that takes you to a fantasy world so high that you can’t help, but wonder how a place can be so majestically personified.

The background says it all.

Rajasthan is the largest state in the Republic of India. It highly dominates the Thar Desert and is also cradled by the Aravali hills. It is majorly known for the beautiful forts, sophisticatedly carved temples and haveli’s that are so beautifully decorated that leave you enraptured.

The lake palace, Ajmer fort, Jantar Mantar in the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur and dilwara temple in Mount Abu, contributes largely to the architectural heritage of India. The amazing picturesque at the attractions are such that you cannot help but stare at the exquisite beauty.

In the last few years, Rajasthan has become the fourth highest tourist attracting destination in India.

The mystical ancient History.

Rajasthan is a place filled with ancient legends and historical spots. You can see and experience the history. The land holds such a Mystical pull, that historians and tourists adore exploring the charm that awaits them.

Food is never to be missed.

The most lightning tour gives you an opportunity to enjoy the mouth-watering cuisines.

Dal baati churma, mohan maas, gatte ki khichdi, aam ki launji, methi bajraa poori, rajasthani kadi, shahi gatte and the most amazing sweets like ghevar and balushahi are the most happening delicacies that is sure to make you drool.

The enticing aroma of cultural heritage.

The colourful culture of the place makes you forget all the monotony of life.

If you are walking around with the guides they will help you with the most happening music of dholak, sitar sarangi and of course the puppet shows. The various dance forms like ghoomar and teerah which are full of life and colours will make you dizzy with excitement. Among all the other features, it also gives you an insight into the spiritual side of Rajasthan through the dilwari temple and Pushkar Brahma temple.

With no dearth of tourist-attracting spots, the Rajasthan tourism is on a hike.

Flora and Fauna are sure to be cherished.

A Rajasthan tour can never be complete without a jungle safari.

Various available Rajasthan tour packages give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the quiescent beauty of Rajasthan, in the most convenient and least expensive way.

It also enables you to witness the exotic flora and fauna, with a trip to the bird sanctuary that includes elephant rides too.

Well, a camel or a horse safari will let you offer you an amazing wildlife experience.

Best comfortable and affordable options.

If you are hopping in through a package it will include accommodation in luxurious hotels and guesthouses. They give you an amazing essence of being a king, even if it is just for the trip.

The luxurious spas are the best way to pamper yourself and distance yourself from all those wordly problems. Meals no doubt, would not be anything less than the heavenly. Trips to the beautiful monuments are also on the plate. The dance and puppet acts will make you go voila!

It would be a holiday that you would never wish to end. It would be one of those trips that you will be etched in your heart forever. The memories that you would want to hold onto forever.

Hurry and plan your next vacation in Rajasthan, and don’t forget to look into various holiday packages and make your trip worthwhile. Also, visit another blog about the peculiar places to visit in Rajasthan.

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