You are probably lucky that you have got a chance to spend your vacation in the mind-boggling beauty of Belgium. The capital and historical city of Belgium was named as Brussels which is one of the main reasons to visit the country. Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent are another three alluring reasons to be added. The Belgium cuisine is something that can surely justify your visit to Belgium with an anchor of its specialities.

With three official languages, the inviting Belgians prefer the unofficial 4th language i.e., English, which they actually find easy to converse in. If you have finally decided your destination as Belgium then allow yourself to mark a few places to visit for sure.

1. Cinquantenaire Museum in the capital city Brussels is one of the attractions to be seen. With more than 3, 50,000 artifacts which were gathered from across the globe with a variety of cultures. All the present artifacts are to be relaxed there forever in the Dignified Royal Museum of Art & History.

2. The Gravenstein, also known as the Count’s Castle beats in the hearty place of Ghent. The Counts of Flanders in the 12th century got a sturdy seat in the castle. It is an archetypal castle with turrets, moats and arrow slits. If you are allowing yourself to get some memories, you can take a view from the battlements which is an amazing one. Get yourself clicked but keep yourself away from the heights if you’re not planning to be a memory.

3. The Grand Place in the Brussels has the outstanding centre square which is proud to count itself amongst the top pavement cafes, baroque Guildhall and welcoming restaurants.

To talk about “what attracts visitors the most“, Belgium is famous for its mouth-watering chocolates, waffles, beer and the stunning laces that are made in Belgium. The elegant ladies are always a pleasure to be seen in the Belgian lanes.

4. High Fens or complicatedly known as Hautes Fagnes Nature Reserve is a squashy moorland with woods and amazing weather with blowing winds. The plateau over the Germany’s Eifel’s hills has allowed people roaming around the place in such a nice weather. The last Post ceremony voices at the Menin Gate are heard when people pass by from there in the evening at 20:00

I cannot resist myself to advise you to not to miss a visit to the Headquarters of European Union and get yourself a box of yummy Belgian chocolates. They have the best and the most exotic collection of chocolates.

Where to Stay?

Usually, people prefer to rent an apartment in Belgium to explore the culture and nationality but I would say that it is better to explore the luxurious hotel rooms. Well, if you are from India and visiting Belgium, living in a rented apartment with an attached kitchen, you will surely end up cooking some noodles, chapattis, vegetables if you could find them easily at the stores.

Explore the amazing Belgian cuisine, it’s simply mouth-watering and will definitely make you fall in love with Belgium.

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