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Did you know?

1 %

Sadly, just 10% users see content-only post.

1 %

40% users remember what they saw in content-only post.

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85% users enjoy visual content and have higher chances of remembering.


Visual content has gained popularity since the advent of visual graphic design and it is growing ever since. Any picture is worth a million words which is quite a benefit since most of us do not understand the real meaning behind the words (most of the times).

We cannot keep our audience engaged for a long time without offering a visual graphic design for them to connect. The attention span on the written content has been falling after the rise of visual graphic designs. This also means that the marketers are going to see a big challenge when it comes to promoting visual content. It was somewhere easy to promote the content but coming to a digital graphic design, it would be a challenge for marketers. 

Engaging Visual Content

Our top priority as marketers is to create more engaging content moving to the second priority which is to understand the platform that is more effective. In this present digital scenario, we not just need to find the platform to get the audience’s attention but we need the right tactic to retain their attention.

Ringing to our brains, we need more time to process written content but visual content get into our mind quickly. When you hear or read something, the chances to retain the information are only 10%. If we consider pairing a digital graphic design for the content we are planning to promote, we tend to remember it 70% better. Let us dive better into the graphic designing expert tips to create better visual content in order to bring engagement and strengthen your digital marketing strategy.


Whenever and however possible, try and avoid general stock images that are not free of commercial use. It is okay to use them but not as a main ingredient. Stats say that almost 40% of marketers rely on stock images and call it as their visual content marketing.

If you want to bore your audience, you must make great use of stock images. Images must not be used for the sake of usage. Even if you want to use stock images, make sure you use them in the right context.


You can find free commercially-licensed photos on Unsplash and Pixabay. But, when you search for the images make sure you check the licensing information. Add the photos that are beautiful and free of commercial use ready to stick to your content strategy and improve the readers’ experience. You just have to make sure that every image has a reason to stay. The readers must be able to connect your content with the image.


Create your own visual graphic designs with a little motivation. It is easy to create your own images but you need to decide the level of expertise that suits you. If you are at a big organization, you might need a professional level of expertise to create your own high-quality images through Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. This is something which is not possible for everyone.

But, we have a SOLUTION!

These things definitely help but if you are not ready for the professional level of visual graphic designing, you can always rely on the basics to your rescue.

This can take you to the basic digital graphic design websites like Canva. It helps you create amazing graphics with all the free pictures and you can edit them to suit your creative needs. Boasting of its tons of templates, variety of image filters, widest stock library, Canva serves to all types of businesses.

The best thing about Canva is it’s the easiest to use and it is FREE. Need some inspiration for your niche?

Hop on to Pinterest. It is the most-used social media platform that gives you plenty ideas to rock your niche with related pictures by the side.


Can you resist a picture perfect infographic with beautified information?

More than 41% marketers believe that infographics bring more engagement than the other type of content.

Call professional graphic designers to your rescue. Do not worry about the word infographic being hefty; it is simple and easy-to-understand.

Why do you think people are creating infographics?

Infographics are easy to digest because some complicated concepts are put in digestible visual content.

Looking for powerful deliverables?



What do you prefer, TV or YouTube?

Speaking of 18y old, they watch more videos than watching
TV. If you look at the statistics, half of the YouTube subscribers are aged
between 18-24y old and they will surely leave anything to watch a YouTube

So, it is 100% legit to say that videos are important.

According to a study by Cisco
, by the upcoming few years videos are going to control 82%
audience attention. The study also added that 51% of the audience will be
accessing the videos on mobile devices.

Another important thing to note is the long videos are not
getting any attention, shorter the videos more is the attention they would get. 

·         Videos shorter than 5 minutes get more attention than the ones longer than that.

·         Relevancy is another important factor that you must consider while grabbing audience’s attention.

·         Find your target audience and make sure they can see your video content.

If you are an Apple user, iMovies would work wonders for you and if you are a Windows user, try Windows Movie Maker or you can also choose to try its best alternative, Shotcut. Write below your favorite tool in the comments below.

If you want a human feeling to your videos, you can get Whiteboard videos from UpWork or Fiverr


Leave it all on us because professionals know it right?


Presentations are convincing power than a regular document with boring information. If you are thinking of creating a business proposal on a Word Document, you are definitely going to lose it.

You can create damn amazing decks by yourself using some free tools like Canva or call professional graphic designers to the creative rescue. It allows you to create simple yet elegant decks that are sure to please your client. If you want to look for some options, you can try Google Slides and if you want to go completely raw, rely on professional graphic designing agency.

There are chances that graphic designing turn tricky if:

  • You have never done it before,
  • You are the busiest person in your organization, and
  • You lack relevant knowledge.

In that case, a professional graphic designing agency can save your business profile. If you are ready to get raw designs from a professional graphic designer, you can trust us with that.

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