If you are reading this copy you must have been tired of welcoming no results to your new business.

But, wait! Did you know there are countless new businesses that are struggling to survive?

And do you have an idea why they are struggling?

It is only because they do not process when they start a new business. On the other hand, there are some that are still struggling how to start their business. It is easy to start a business in India but quite challenging to make it a big success.

This is one of the major reasons 80% of the new businesses shut down; they could not figure out how to take their business to the next level. They shut down their business in the first 15 months of operations.

But, what does this have to do with online marketing?

Gone were the days when you had to step out and sell your products and services. Now is not the time when you could afford online marketing. If you want to welcome a new visitor to your website or business every day regardless of your niche, you must have your online marketing strategies in place.

If you have just started your business and looking for strategies that cost you less or no money, read our most loved blog.

In this article, we have discussed the 7 online marketing strategies that will come in almost no budget.

Your strategy must be able to drive traffic and something that doesn’t compel the users but please them to redirect to your BUY NOW or GET NOW form. Today, we are going to discuss the 7 best tools that will not just help you grow your new business but will be useful in the future as well.

Are you ready to take your new business to the next level?

Let’s get started.

1.  Email Marketing Tools


There are countless email marketing tools today that are working well to sending out emails to subscribers or cold pitching.

More than 80% of the B2C and B2B companies are using email marketing to boost their sales. When people are searching for how to start a business, you will be crafting and implementing  your email marketing strategies. To speak of the email marketing tools, you can start by opting to the trials of various such tools like SendGrid, Mail Chimp, AWeber, and many others.

Mail Chimp is one the top known email marketing software that is undoubtedly swaying the marketing industry with great help. With numerous alternatives, it is no doubt the best of all with a variety of users. Here’s why you must Mail Chimp.

  • It exists from a long time.
  • It offers self-service to get quick support.
  • Free 2,000 emails.

2.  Create your Marketing Funnel

Marketing, CRM software, and sales need to be at one place. If you do not understand what a marketing funnel is, here’s a quick knowledge.

Marketing Funnel is just like a regular funnel. With the marketing funnel, you define your process step-by-step. Comparing with all the other marketing funnels like Sendinblue, Ontraport, and others, Hubspot stands out from the crowd. If you are keen to focus on your marketing goals, Hubspot will help you a lot with attracting customers to converting them to potential clients.

If you follow this guide by heart, you must want to know what Hubspot would do to your business. For those looking to grow their business in no time, mthey must look below to know the ingredients of Hubspot.

You know what’s the good thing, you can COPY IT!

#Step 1

Blogging: Add a blog to your website every week and do not forget to integrate keywords in your blogs.

P.S. Can you spot the keywords here?

Send us, can you? 😛

#Step 2

Search Engine Optimization: The most popularly known technique to increase traffic and bring leads as well. It’s a proven technique, trust me.

#Step 3

Social Media Optimization: Everyone is surfing online and you must be another one. If you are, use that platform to sell your services. It is another proven strategy to get you more business in less time.

#Step 4

Website Development: What, you don’t have a website?

You must get your website to leave a first impression on your visitors. Do you agree?

Get your amazing website now with features that would cost you less and give you better results.

#Step 5

Lead Management: Are you getting enough leads?

How are you managing them and keeping them into place?

It would have been difficult, isn’t it?

Hubspot will make it easier for you.

#Step 6

Landing Pages: The most amazing thing. Hubspot offers you landpages so that if you are website is on the way or you have offers to launch you can create a beautiful landing page (mini website).

#Step 7

Calls-to-Action: The most important thing that must be there in a website, landing page, blogs or wherever you can. Remind your visitors to reach you with Hubspot. You know why you should trust Hubspot?

Shh, don’t tell this your competitors that Hubspot is one of the best business tools in 2019.

#Step 8

Marketing Automation: Automation is required in every field. If you are dealing in eCommerce or someone that you know, you will understand well about marketing automation. All you have done is uploading the products in your eCommerce platform and people will buy your products (you have to do a little marketing, though).

#Step 9

Email: It is important to send out emails to your subscribers and let them know what you are writing next.

#Step 10

Analytics: Monitor what you are doing. The most IMPORTANT of all.

3. Organize your EVERYTHING

From drinking water on time to organizing your meetings, plan everything. Tools like Monday and Trello are the ones that are allowing users to build great success; you know why?

They are organizing their every task. When you are looking to start your business from scratch, these are the best tools to organize your work. Here’s a list fo what you can do with it;

  • Organize your day tasks
  • Plan a webinar
  • Organize your client meeting
  • Schedule your regular newsletters
  • Publish your podcasts
  • Launch a website and flaunt your business


Tired looking for best business tools for startups, count BUFFER in. You can do a lot with it when it comes to social media.

Are you fond of Facebook or Instagram?

I am sure you would be. Do you know something?

There are countless businesses online and this is one of the major reasons they are getting more popularity than ever.

You know what’s the good thing about using BUFFER?

It’s all automated. All you have to do is to pick some “already-written responses” that can be sent to your leads even when you are offline on Facebook or other social media platforms. Business in India has never been easy, but social media has introduced countless platforms in itself that helps any individual to grow business on their own.

Are you excited to know what’s next?

5. Ubersuggest for Keywords

Do you belong to a digital marketing background?

Great if you are but not at all sad if you aren’t.

All thanks to this great tool known as Ubersuggest . All you have to do is to write in your domain and select your country; there you are.

You will get numerous keywords that you can use in your blogs and articles. While you are writing your articles, you can integrate those keywords into your blogs. When you start your business online, Ubersuggest is one of the best business tools in 2019.

6. Track with Google Analytics

After doing all the above, do you find it important to track what you are doing?

Well, if you ask us as a digital marketing agency, it is 100% important and CRUCIAL for any business. If you have been spending thousands on your digital marketing strategies and you are not tracking your activities, trust me, it is a WASTE of TIME.

All you have to do is to allow Google to track all your activities and website traffic. Wondering how to do it?

It is the easiest.

When you login to Google with your website specific account, you will get a code to be added to your website. Once it’s all done, you will be able to track your traffic and everything with Google.

7. SEO, SEO, and SEO

Even if you couldn’t follow the above techniques and parts of process, you must use this one.

This is something that you could do by yourself. No, SERIOUSLY!

If you are planning to promote your website for free, all you have to do is getting backlinks and adding some genuine & engaging posts on your website and social media.

In case you want us to do that for you, reach us on skype: seocontentstudio.

The final thoughts

Starting a new business could be a tough job when you are alone and know less of the marketing tools that are available to help you. This amazing guide on the marketing tools can give your business the desired success.

If you are unable to use any of the above mentioned tools, contact us or leave us a message down below if you have used any of these tools above.


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