Chinese application ban in India

On June 28, 2020, the Indian government announced Chinese application ban in India that included 59 apps like TikTok, UC Browser, Share IT, Beauty Plus, Shein, Club Factory, and many more. This could be one of the major social media updates this week. Speaking of these social media updates 2020, there could be nothing more saddening for the renowned stars that were making money from most of these apps. Undoubtedly, the Chinese application ban in India could be considered as a way to begin the boycott of Chinese products and services. On the other hand, it might be an unexpected loss for some of the Indian digital marketing and advertising agencies that were promoting TikTok ads.

59 Chinese Application Banned in India Including TikTok, Share It, UC Browser

According to the sources, “These apps have been there for a long time, and there are some privacy and security issues with them including the risk of data going out of the country.” As per the Ministry of Electronics and IT, they have received numerous complaints about the misuse of mobile apps and the theft of users’ data for selling it to foreign servers. Safeguarding the privacy and data security of 130 crore Indians were seen in danger.

What will be the impact of the ban on TikTok and other Chinese apps?

With these social media updates this week, there has to have an impact on the ban on Chinese apps. It may not impact much the Chinese market but it is a major setback for numerous marketing giants with global ambitions.

The rising tensions between India and China have called for the biggest social media updates 2020 with Chinese applications ban in India. It has impacted the country in numerous ways:

An opportunity for competitors

Bol Indya and InMobi, the rivals of TikTok, welcomes the Indian government’s move on the banned activity. They say that this social media update news will change the history of Indian social media platforms as the Indian companies will be able to serve value to their customers by maintaining the Indian culture and prioritizing the data security of the users.

InMobi, the rivals of TikTok

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The ban is legally sound

When the analysts spoke on the latest social media updates news, they considered the impact of the ban on the Chinese market than on India as the apps were majorly relying on the Indian market for revenue, which is now gone. Speaking legally, it is sound as it would not be a challenge anymore for the National Security Council to worry about the users’ online security. The competition threat will also move down but the ingenuity of the ecosystem will slow down.

No Loss No Profit for India

From the trending social media updates 2020, the Chinese application ban in India will probably not affect the Indian market in terms of revenue. TikTok reported more than 100 million monthly active users only in INDIA. When the application was banned in India in 2019 for a week, ByteDance, the developer of TikTok reported a loss of $5,00,000 a day.

India has always been the biggest market for China to drive revenue which is now, due to the ban, would be lost. The tension amongst the two countries is probably going to charge a heavy penalty on China.

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Increasing unemployment

Increasing unemployment

Countless Indian TikTok stars have faced an uncertain future after the ban. One of the biggest social media updates this week, the Chinese application ban in India, importantly, TikTok, has left many budding stars, unemployed. There was a time when people searched, “YouTube vs TikTok”, and undoubtedly, this Chinese app has seen tremendous growth in India. But, with the recent ban under the social media updates news, many have become jobless as YouTube is not a platform to give anyone a growth like this. It is rather a reputable platform by Google that supports genuine and organic users.


There were many Chinese applications that were linked to controversies regarding data privacy and the misuse of sensitive information in an unauthorized manner. This called for one of the biggest social media updates this week, Chinese applications ban in India, which is legally sound, to a major extent.

Needless to say, the ban has already affected more than a million users of India that are not being able to use the blacklisted apps. Their only source of income is now gone with the ban. The ban has definitely allowed the advertising agencies to rethink the new influential strategies to grow their brand. While on the contrary, giants like Instagram and YouTube are still enjoying an increased number of marketing opportunities in the Indian market.

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