COVID-19 has undoubtedly shaken up every business massively by slowing down the sales or traffic. Whether you are in a private sector or public, you might be struggling to save you from the COVID-19 spread. Somewhere in the hustle-bustle of the coronavirus, affiliate marketing seems to be nowhere, or it is still there; let us find out.

The impact of COVID-19 on Amazon affiliate programs

There is no denying the fact that amazon affiliate marketing has been the hottest marketing trend but recently in May 2020, Amazon announced steep rate cuts that meant less income for online publishers. Countless YouTube stars that were drawing a handsome amount from amazon affiliate program are disappointed in the recent news by Amazon. The whole world has been facing a crazy crisis that mostly includes the slashed paychecks and a job-loss in almost every industry.

The co-founder of Income School, Jim harmer in a YouTube video said, It’s right at this moment that Amazon decided, let’s slash everybody’s paychecks 50%, while Amazon itself is skyrocketing. It’s ridiculous.” Jim is one of the hundreds of thousands of members of the Amazon affiliate program and there are thousands of other brands that have been promoting Amazon’s products through affiliate marketing.

amazon affiliate Program

What Amazon says…

While the world has gone crazy about the slashed paychecks from Amazon, the brand refused to comment on any of the feedback that talks about Amazon affiliate marketing. A spokesperson commented on the situation by stating the announcement as not being a result of the pandemic. He said that Amazon regularly evaluates their offerings to make sure they compete with broader industry and maintains its standard industry practices to offer a fair share.

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Where are we now? What can be done after the Amazon affiliate program?

After the dissatisfying statement from Amazon about affiliate marketing, online publishers are making way to other affiliate programs. Almost every marketer looked out for other best affiliate programs. After the #stayhome #staysafe movement, businesses around the globe have been struggling to make ends meet which brings us to the question, what now, after Amazon affiliate program?

But well, in the world of digital marketing, there are countless solutions to one problem. When Amazon made the online publishers felt alone in affiliate marketing, there are some of the best affiliate programs that users can rely upon. Let us cut to the chase and discuss some of the top and best affiliate programs that are hot and trending.

5 best affiliate programs for online publishers

If you have been hurt by the Amazon affiliate program, this guide is for you. After generating lots of traffic on your website, you can rely on these trending yet best affiliate programs that can help you generate a pretty income. Let us begin from the hottest to trending…

1. Work from home make money online

how to make money online

This is the HOTTEST affiliate marketing option that can make anyone fall for it. Half of your audience might be at home or working from home for slashed paychecks. In this time of recession, people need money. Many have lost their jobs and now they need more money. That brings out people to find a new job that helps them to make ends meet. Here are a few offers:

  • ClickBank courses on how to make money online
  • Online education courses
  • Investment offers
  • Online surveys
  • Freelance job listing sites

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2. Online dating

online dating

Another trending affiliate program is online dating sites that currently offering only chat and call options. “Meet hot girls near you” may not be working these days since, the world is following #socialdistancing #staysafe #stayhome that has made them look for online dating sites to try their luck. Here are a few offers:

  • Live chats
  • Adult push
  • Online dating
  • WebCam offers
  • Senior dating

3. Healthcare products

COVID-19 has given everyone, scary chills and we all are scared to move out of our homes which is why we are following #stayhome #staysafe movement. But there are times when you have to go out for emergency house supplies. That calls for numerous healthcare products. This is the trending affiliate program that online publishers are using. Here are a few offers:

4. Work from home equipment

If you are someone who is ditched by the Amazon affiliate program, in the list of best affiliate programs, this is sure to give you a kick. The world’s major population is working from home and they do need a great choice of equipment including laptops, keyboards, lamps, comfortable chairs, etc.

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5.    Online streaming platforms


Do not miss to add online streaming platforms to your website for affiliate marketing including Netflix, Prime video, adult gaming, article focusing on what to watch, etc.

Affiliate marketing tips for online publishers

As quoted by a great marketer, “The affiliate marketing industry seems to do better when there is an uncertainty in the economy.” Be smart about your money and keep your health a priority than making money. There are some of the best affiliate programs available for marketers even when Amazon affiliate marketing has left its users behind. All you need to do is to make a wise choice.

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This is a hard time for everyone and it is important that you keep safe while keeping up with the latest digital marketing news. Speaking of affiliate marketing, you can choose from the above options and get started with it. If you are looking for a quick tip or detailed advice on affiliate marketing or any other digital marketing offerings, reach out to us at

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