With the changing online marketing strategies, social media is taking a new turn every day. The recent ban on numerous social media apps has left many millionaires, jobless. Now, if there is something that they have, is the legit social media engagement. The swiftness of changes in the digital marketing trends has given us a chance to enhance organic social media engagement, something that will never change.

social media strategies

If you are planning to work for real to boost your social media engagement, make sure that your social media marketing agency is following some ground rules. When it comes to online marketing, SMM Instagram is stealing the show. Let us quickly get straight to the brands and check out the social media engagement tricks 2020 that they are following.

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Below mentioned are 7 best social media engagement tricks 2020 that can help you boost your engagement.

  1. Intriguing user-generated content
  2. Instagram reels
  3. Facebook groups/ Instagram engagement groups
  4. Collaborations
  5. Virtual engagement
  6. Leveraging in-app features
  7. #secret hack

    1. Intriguing user-generated content

If you are wondering how any established social media marketing agency manages to grow their social media, there is no wonder to that. They are following the traditional social media hacks that are still trending. Before you look for the latest social media hacks 2020, follow these old hacks that will give you more growth and the number 1 hack is the user-generated content.


user generated content instagtram

For example, a footwear brand encourages its audience to use their hashtag whenever they post a photo of their footwear. When a user does the same, the brand shares it to their story and add it to the relevant highlight. It shows the audience that the brand cares about their contribution. With this hashtag community, you are solving a problem. You can create groups on Instagram as well. When someone uses your hashtag by posting your brand product, add them to your community where every member will play a role.

2. Instagram reels

#feelkaroreelkaro is the most trending and hot topic of the town. After the ban of TikTok, Instagram has introduced a similar feature in the app where people can create videos, add music, and other effects. This is similar to what TikTok was offering. All the audience of the banned app is now on Instagram and the app has doubled its users in lesser time.

instagram reels

When it comes to online marketing strategies, videos have been on the top and Instagram reels have given every user a platform to create a maximum of a 15-sec video where you can add the relevant hashtags and add to your feed and in the explore section. So, how do you plan to benefit from the Instagram reels?

Read how to use Instagram reels

3. Facebook groups or Instagram engagement groups

We all have been a part of some or the other Facebook groups, which is a tight-knit community where like-minded people are connected to collaborate with the brand. You can choose to keep the group open where anyone can join or choose to add some filter questions where the user has to answer some questions. You decide the reason to create a group.

instagram engagement groups

As we move ahead to the Instagram groups, there are countless engagement groups that allow you to follow everyone in the group and engage in each other’s posts. This is the most trending social media hack that is going viral. When a new Instagram account comes to business, it struggles to attract new and genuine followers and when you are engaging in such engagement groups, you got that all for free. The only con is, you got to be a little free for this job.

4. Collaborations

This is nothing new but the way it is done has been changing. When you see a social media marketing agency showing off their number of followers, or any other page doing something similar, you crave for it, right?

how to get collaborations

Well, it happens to everyone, and most importantly to new account users that are struggling to find more followers. This is when the term “collaborations” jumps in and it doesn’t mean to contact the paid influencers to promote your account. Let us get this right. Do you have a cool friend with thousands of fan-following?

If so, you can request them to give you a shoutout or collaborate with you to promote your products/services/page. Even if they have a thousand followers, you might get some. But make sure that you have enough content on your page, that can be loved.

5. Virtual engagement

Networking is a vital component of social media and online marketing. If you have a social media platform and you want to grow, virtual engagement is important. By virtual engagement, we mean to bring in webinars, live chats, live FAQs, or interactive sessions where your audience can engage with you in real-time.

virtual events instagram

In early 2020, Facebook introduced Messenger rooms for live chat options taking live broadcasting to a whole new level. You can add selective members to the group and create a virtual event. For example, if you are a footwear brand and you have launched a new product, you can benefit from the virtual event, especially during the pandemic for social media engagement.

Amid this pandemic, the COVID-19, you can benefit from the virtual events online and engage with your audience.

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6. Leveraging in-app features

Every social media application has its own feature that allows the users to explore and experiment limitlessly. This year, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have introduced amazing new features like in-app shopping features on Instagram and you can upload videos on Pinterest. This is too good to be true but actually worth it for social media engagement.

social media in-app features

These features have allowed any user to go limitless and explore social media marketing and benefit from the innumerable features that it offers to grow your social media engagement. It is you, who has to create the right balance between all these features.

7. #secrethack

Well, you might be waiting for this secret social media hack for long. When you have used all the above-mentioned social media tips and tricks for branding, it is important that you remain consistent and mark your success. Most of our clients tell us that one month of social media marketing didn’t give them results but the behind story is, if you put efforts on your social media it will go viral but when you stop, your audience will start leaving and once they leave, it is a nut-cracking task to gain your audience back.

consistency is key

So, yes! The secret hack is to remain consistent as it lays a strong foundation in boosting your social media platforms and gives you the desired success. So, if you are planning to become a social media star, you can rely on our social media marketing services or if you plan to DIY, consistency is the key to success.






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