It is time to shine and rise!

When your alarm blares in your ears you rub your eyes and try to fit yourself in your warm and cosy blanket being hazy and thirsty.

But here is the best way to brush up your morning away and betray the lustrous and shiny self which is completely ready and curiously waiting for the adventurous morning on the go.

To start your drowsy morning with a punch of fresh-pressed sip of juice would definitely make your day.

If you are now thinking that you don’t even know any juice recipes then here are 5 nutritional juice-bliss to suit your taste buds.

  1. Ginger Crunch: If you are fond of ginger, apple and oranges then what are you waiting for?Go grab a ginger, apple and an orange and chop them into chunks and use your juicer and prepare a Super Sinus Juice. Add your favourite flavours and top with cayenne and enjoy!
  2. Pineapple Bliss: For the pineapple lovers out there, Fresh Pineapple Juice is the one that can come in handy. All you need to do is to chop the pineapple into slices and juice them up and pour into your favourite juice glass and you can enjoy it without adding any artificial flavours.
  3. Sunrise Freshness: For the ones who are in love with the citrus fruits and spices, can go for “AM Sunrise Juice”, the best taste for citrus lovers. Simply pour the juice and spices of your choice in a serving glass and enjoy the complete spicy and sweet and citrus flavours.
  4. Lime n Lemon: For the early-morning lovers, a glass of fresh water with a squeeze of one lime and a few slices of cucumber would do. This would add a freshness to your daily regimen and also help reducing belly fat.
  5. Veggie Fusion: If you are worried about your kids and they try to find a way when you serve salads in this extremely hot weather, here is the yummy veggie solution. Take few slices of red bell pepper along with few cucumber and tomato slices and there you go. Add some lime juice that suits your taste and voila, you are ready to go fresh.

Sometimes, it is better to avoid artificial tastes and go natural. There is no need of adding sugar to your juicy sips if you are preparing fresh fruit juice, as natural taste is the best taste.

But if you do not like the natural punch you can add the spices of your choice.

So, it’s time to freshen up yourself with a healthy sip of fresh juice with these 5 best yummy juice recipes. Go healthy, go natural, this summer!!


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