How do you plan to attract traffic to your website?

You do that by getting local SEO services at the price that suits your pocket, is it?

Or, you look for paid promotions that bring traffic to your new business website, right?

But, if I tell you there is another way, you could generate free traffic from Google without contacting a professional SEO company, would you trust this?

This is probably the hardest to believe, but this is 90% TRUE for this who are ready to spend some time in their business. It is not going to take too long to rank plus it won’t cost you a penny but a lot of time. Switch to Google Discover. If you are a small business and want to see real-time results, this is the way to go.

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What is Google Discover?

It is just like your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter news feed but will have different news. Google has a feed, can you believe it?

If you use Google Chrome on your iOS or Android device you might have noticed your opening like this. PC or laptop users might not have seen this on their screens. Refer to the image above; this is how Google’s news feed looks like.

Shown to you like cards, you will be redirected to the website you will click and you must be wondering about the logic behind the selection of cards. Well, that is completely based upon your search history and your preferences.

If you are a Google Pixel user

Do you use pixel?

If you have one, you would have seen Discover a lot but chances are that you haven’t realized it.

Okay, now this thing is different than Google news. This looks like your social media feed and this is your Google feed. If you have been seeing some web links previously, Google will show you similar links that might be old. This includes videos, entertainment, sports, festivals or stocks.

Google is positioning your content in the hub which it calls Google Discover. So basically, Google has created another version of Facebook feed based on your preferences. Just like you follow you the hashtags on Instagram, on Google you follow your interests and it will show the related cards to you back on Google on your feed. Similar to your interests, Google shows you the content that might interest you.

Why Google Discover is Important?

The answer is direct and simple: It gives you real-time traffic and this is why it is important. You can generate more than 3M impressions in a month and almost 80, 000 clicks redirected to your website without spending dollars on SEO services. This is great traffic, right?

Along with this, the impressions you get will help you in business branding. Now, why you should care much about the branding?

The bigger the brand, the better the audience and it will also help you rank on Google. Even if you do not have many links on your website but you are a great brand and people have searched you on Google, it will help you rank better.

Hearing out from Google’s CEO:

“Brands are the solution. It is how you sort out the cesspool.”

So, all the impressions that you’d be getting today are going to help you make you become a good brand. If you engage your customers and follow all the necessary principles of marketing your customers are likely to interact with your brand more than 5 times which gives them a ‘loyal member’ badge. Now, you’d want to know how to get traffic from Google Discover.

How to Get Traffic from Google Discover?

You’d be amazed to know that Google Discover attracts traffic faster and is not that complicated. Though it doesn’t give instant results it gives quick traffic organically.

Let’s look at the techniques that you must follow:

Use the HD Images and Videos

With every feed content, the result shows the image which is why it is important to add relevant and HD images to your content. Use images and videos that show the closes relevance to the content you have written. Add great quality images to the headlines and sub-titles that are more likely to see clicks. Happening, relevant, and beautiful images attract more relevant traffic to your content.

Write the Right Content

Everyone believes content is the King but if you do not write the right content Google is not going to show you up in its search results. Even if you are connected with professional content writers make sure they are giving you the right content.

Google suggests the right topics for your website that will give you the right traffic; all you have to do is to follow the trend. If you see suggestions, try using those topics and write content on the topics people are interested in. You would definitely wish to go above your competitors and not copy them. This is the reason why you must write the relevant content and add the concerned images. Connect with your professional content writers and guide them with the requisites.

Maximize your Content

When you are adding content to your website, you would definitely take help from Google to find the trending topics. But, while you are maximizing your content you also need to use accessibility on your website. This means, your website must have visible headlines, sub-titles, and the content must be divided into the right categories. If your website concerns a category but carries different content, you are not going anywhere. Create a simple but easy-to-be-navigated website.

Promote your content on the right platform and add the right backlinks to your website to get the right traffic your website deserves. All you have to remember is that Google Discover is a social feed and you have to add the relevant content to your feed. If you are not adding interesting pieces in the social feed for others, Google is not going to give you the desired rank. Once you put the right efforts you will see the results for yourself.

Before expecting a great ranking on Google through Google Discover you need to make sure that you are website is mobile-friendly.

Analyze the Results

You are not done just after putting your part of efforts to add the right content to your website, there is always more to it. So, how would you see the results?

Planning to redirect to Google Analytics?

Well, to understand your ranking through Google Discover, it would be best to use Google Search Console. Hop on to Google Search Console and log in with your credentials.

In there, navigate to the menu and look for a tab “Discover”. This tab is only visible if you have reached a minimum threshold in the Discover traffic. You will be able to see your performance on Google Discover. Compare your current performance with the previous statistics.

As long as you keep posting blogs, you will see traffic coming through posts right on Google Discover. This is a long-term relationship where content helps you grow through Discover. It cannot be denied that Google Discover has allowed countless businesses to boost up their traffic and you can be one of them.


No matter if you are a fan of Google Discover or not, if you consider it as another platform to grow, it will help you multiple times. Countless marketers have shown data that proves Google Discover is successful in driving traffic to your website and gives you a ranking you deserve. While the other marketers are spending their money on getting the right SEO services to grow their business. If you are still not sure how to grow your ranking with Google Discover, it is suggested to trust a professional SEO company to get the ranking your business needs.

It is time to take advantage of this most amazing channel to drive traffic and boost your sales in less time. If you are focused to drive traffic to your business website and put the right efforts, you will get the desired results.

If you are a great marketer, you should never rely on particularly one channel to drive targeted traffic to your business. Wondering, why?

When the algorithm changes, it will take down your traffic and business website; leaving you wondering the channel to switch to. Traffic is important for any business website and you can only attract targeted traffic if you are focusing on the omnichannel approach.

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What is your approach? Have you ever thought of using Google Discover to increase the engagement and traffic on your website? Comment your thoughts down below.

We can help you write amazing blogs and create a website that will attract all the required traffic from Google Discover. You can always rely on our team to get the relevant content and images for giving you the traffic your business deserves. Understand how it works or reach us now!


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