During the first few weeks of COVID-19, it seemed like the world is coming to an end. The stock market showed a steady decline, people started losing their jobs, the grocery shelves were getting empty, and the death toll showed no signs of stopping.

Never before in our lifetime had we seen this kind of crisis, which is a catastrophic combination of a humanitarian and a financial crisis happening on a global scale.

From the perspective of digital marketing, the pandemic brought in a major transformation in digital marketing trends 2020 due to the considerable changes in consumer behavior. After all, right from the way people worked to their purchasing patterns, everything has been fundamentally altered during this time.

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And, even as everything slowly returns to normal, these new trends in digital marketing are here to stay for the year and maybe even after that.

So, on that note, let us take a look at the top trends to rise in the digital marketing world after COVID-19. What you can expect from these tactics is, they would stay.

Digital Marketing Trends

Value over cheaper pricing will always win

The pandemic showed that in the face of uncertainty, people will always choose value over buying cheaper goods. This is certainly going to have an impact on digital marketing trends in 2020. Let’s explain the digital marketing trends 2020 further with an example.

Suppose there is a company that sold masks at a higher price than most other competitors. Yet their demand remained higher during the pandemic and even after people were getting back to business because of the new trends in digital marketing.

The reason behind this is the scams on low-grade and faulty masks made people cautious about buying cheap masks. They didn’t hesitate to go for the more expensive product to get better quality.

The 3 takeaways

We have three major takeaways in this situation:

  • People are looking to buy products that they can trust rather than sacrificing quality for getting a good deal.
  • The digital marketing trends 2020 needs to focus on creating a marketing strategy aimed at creating greater brand awareness.
  • Building trust is valued even more during the times of misinformation and fake news.

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Gain less but never lose again

Loss aversion attitude is something that is engrained in the human mind. The effect of this was more evident in what happened during the early days of the spread of the virus. The term loss aversion refers to the fact that people would rather avoid losses than acquire gains.

Our mind is hard-wired to make sure we avoid losses, and digital marketers understand this really well.  The uncertain situation due to the pandemic, especially at the initial stage, increased this loss aversion attitude of people. One of the new trends of digital marketing that came up as a result of this was leveraging sales by focusing on the loss aversion mindset of consumers.

Increased skepticism of the customers

When it comes to ads and media coverage, we noticed two updates during the pandemic:

  • Screen time increased for everyone as they were glued to their screens as a child is to his Legos.
  • Conspiracies about the spread of the virus, political spins, the strangest cures, flat-out lies, and half-truths flooded the television and the internet.

But people soon started realizing the amount of misguidance that was happening around. This put the consumers on a higher alert about the things that were broadcasted to them.

Better customer experiences

One of the other new trends in digital marketing that emerged was the focus on delivering relatable and real customer experience in order to ensure greater customer retention.

Digital marketers will increasingly focus on making customers understand the value of their products. This will be done through greater customer interactions and by adopting a personalized approach.

So, greater emphasis on personalization and interactive content is going to become an absolute must in the days to come.

New channels of digital marketing

Non-digital advertisement is again a failure

Signs, billboards, and all other kinds of outdoor advertisements have been witnessing a steady downfall even before the pandemic hit the world. COVID-19 simply ramped up the rate of decline, as it increased the focus on online marketing in digital marketing trends 2020.

Responsible factors

Two factors that were responsible for this are:

  • The lack of time spent outdoors especially during the pandemic.
  • Increased screen times while staying indoors as there is no other choice.

However, things will continue moving in this direction even after the countrymen leave their homes again.

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New channels of digital marketing

Following the digital marketing updates, it gave the businesses and the marketers a closer look at how going digital is considerably more beneficial in terms of resources used and results achieved.

With digital ads, marketers can leverage video content, use artificial intelligence, and so on. Moreover, content marketing ensures greater customer retention than physical ads through personalized and interactive content.

In the end, there’s no going back to the traditional ways even after the pandemic is over as there is an increase in nationwide usage of the internet including digital marketing platforms.

New channels of digital marketing

Step towards agile marketing

COVID-19 was a lesson in agile marketing, which has to be one of the major digital marketing trends 2020 to shine brighter.

The response required for COVID-19 was unusual in the fact that messaging had to be different based on where in a country (or the world) the brand was targeting.

One-size-fits-all marketing was definitely not going to make the cut for digital marketing trends 2020 as the trend follows personalized marketing.

Trying the same marketing techniques for all meant, showing empathy where people had overcome the crisis or directing people to stores where the infection was still peaking.

The digital marketers learned that in order to keep up with the new trends in digital marketing, they need to respond to changes fast and in a way that appeals to the target audience.

Bottom line

The comprehensive marketing impact of COVID-19 on brands, agencies, and consumer habits are yet to be known completely. However, leave no doubt in mind about the impact of the aforementioned new trends in digital marketing. So, it’s time for digital marketers to buckle up and be prepared for any results while they continue their quest to find new opportunities.

Digital marketing has given ways to the birth of countless channels and none of them is behind the race. With every platform growing every day, businesses are being challenged to find a new and creative way to ensure customer retention. There are more than 35% of businesses that are struggling to find their way to online marketing tactics.

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If you are one of them, take a little time from your offline business and spend a little online and find a way to grow your business during the pandemic. In case you are troubled with finding a worthy solution, you can always count on us for a forever solution when it comes to social media marketing, or branding service including YouTube promotion or even if you just want to create your online presence, to begin your online journey. Connect with us today and let us help you with your personalized business growth plan during the pandemic. SEO Content Studio can help you. Reach us at hello@seocontentstudio.com



Alian · June 5, 2020 at 7:17 pm

At our company, we are currently following almost all these trends and even during COVID-19 we are doing great. I was going through this article and it gave me a way to go.

I am still unclear of how agile marketing can help. Can you connect with me for this? I would really love to learn more about it.

Kash · June 9, 2020 at 4:34 pm

I really liked your ideas and worked upon the customer-centric approach and it seems to be working for our business. I knew it already but the way you put it is something I followed. Thanks for the article.

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