With 2 billion monthly users and 500 hours of video uploads per minute, YouTube has basically taken over more than half the internet. The platform has made stars out of common people, and surely even you have your favorite YouTuber whose content you dedicatedly follow.

And, if you also have a YouTube channel whose views are showing a steady increase, then it is high time for you to understand the algorithm behind how to monetize YouTube video in 2020. It is not even that difficult to monetize your channel if you just follow the right guidelines set by the platform.

So, without further ado, let us get you started on how to monetize YouTube channel to help you start making money, just like your favorite YouTuber.

4 rules of how to monetize YouTube channel

Before getting into the process of how to monetize YouTube channel 2020, you need to know the 4 rules of money-making on YouTube or that is better known as the eligibility criteria to begin earning from your YouTube channel. Here are the latest guidelines from YouTube.

  • You must have at least 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • Your videos must have 4,000 watch time hours for the last twelve months in order to monetize.
  • You must comply with the guidelines and policies of YouTube.
  • You must set up an AdSense account.

So now, that you have a basic idea of how to do youtube marketing by monetizing your channel let’s explain the factors of how to monetize youtube channel 2020 in detail.

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Understanding the YouTube Partner Program

We have already addressed the latest eligibility criteria of how to monetize YouTube video 2020 briefly in the four guidelines mentioned before.

Abiding by all the four requirements of how to monetize YouTube channel will make your account be accepted in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

The fact that you need 1,000 subscribers is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to how to monetize youtube channel. So, let’s get to the 4,000 hours of watch time aspect, which is a bit complicated.

Keep four things in mind while learning how to monetize youtube channel 2020:

  • Only the watch time of the last 12 months count to get into the YPP.
  • Live streams and unlisted videos are counted in the total watch time.
  • Watch time of deleted videos are removed from the channel’s total watch time hours.
  • Channels are removed from the YPP whenever the watch time falls below 4,000.

Click on your logo at the top right-hand corner of the page, and check your analytics regularly from YouTube Studio Beta. Also, learn how to do youtube marketing to make sure the watch time never goes down. There are countless YouTube automation tools, out of which Tube Buddy is our favorite. This tool helps you analyze the trending keywords and the algorithm behind video marketing.

Following the YouTube rulebook for monetization

YouTube constantly keeps an eye on the channels in the YPP to make sure that they continue to meet the guidelines and policies of the channel.

The aim of the platform is to find the right balance between advertisers, viewers, and creators. So, its guidelines on how to monetize youtube video 2020 are pretty comprehensive. If you are wondering how to monetize youtube channel, then start by familiarizing yourself with the YouTube rulebook.

The easiest tip we can give you on how to monetize YouTube channel 2020 by following the guidelines is to connect with experts. If you are in doubt about whether a video is inappropriate, there is a high chance that it is. This is when you must connect with us to understand more about YouTube channel optimization.

So, before getting into how to do YouTube marketing, you can reach out to us and know more about our services.

Copyright policies vs. monetization

Knowing how to monetize youtube video 2020 also involves understanding the copyright policies of YouTube. Basically, YouTube does not want you to use other people’s videos without their permission. This is the most important aspect of understanding how to monetize youtube channel.

If you know how to monetize youtube channel 2020 by keeping third party content in your channel, make sure that your adding value to that content through:

  • Your original commentary
  • Editorialized statements
  • Educational statements

However, even this might not be enough to satisfy the YouTube guidelines of knowing how to monetize YouTube video 2020. Copyright is, for the most part, a gray area on YouTube. It is better to avoid third-party work as much as possible if you want to get through to how to monetize youtube video 2020.

Linking your Google AdSense Account with the YouTube channel

It is not just about learning how to monetize youtube channel. You also need to need to know how to do youtube marketing and how YouTube pays you.

You need a Google Adsense account to give YouTube a way to pay you. The following are the factors to know about how to monetize youtube channel by having an Adsense account:

  • You can use your existing Adsense account for monetization.
  • Multiple channels can be connected to one Adsense account.
  • An Adsense account can be set up during the YPP application process.

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Applying to the YouTube Partner Program

By now, you must have enough knowledge about how to do YouTube marketing or how to monetize YouTube channel. You have probably hit all the requirements of monetization. Now, you only need to apply to the YPP to start earning from your videos.

Applying to the YPP is easier than knowing how to do youtube marketing, but the platform might take a month to a year to make a decision.

Some channels are approved in a few days, but that is not a common occurrence. Now that you know how to monetize youtube video 2020 and have applied for it be prepared to wait for a month to get YouTube approval.

If it takes longer than a month, then it means your channel has been placed under further review. A channel is manually reviewed by YouTube, so it takes a while to get their verdict. In the meantime, keep improving your channel and learn more about how to do YouTube marketing by contacting us.

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You are now armed with enough knowledge about how to monetize youtube channel 2020 to start taking the right steps in that direction. Our final bit of advice on how to monetize youtube channel 2020 is to not be disheartened if YouTube rejects your application. Just review your videos and make the necessary changes to apply again in 30 days’ time. If you think you need help at any point, you can always get in touch with us. Good luck!



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