Who expected Google May 2020 core update during the coronavirus pandemic?

Probably, nobody.

But you know what’s great about this?

The genuine websites are going to rank better in the SERPs. Oops, I just shared something we call a conclusion. Never mind!

Google January 2020 core update bewildered the webmasters and the May update might take many of them, down. Why?

Countless website owners across the industries have seen a major dropdown in their web traffic due to the new Google May 2020 core update. So, if your analytics show you a decrease in the number of visitors coming to your website, this update could be the reason.

Google May core update during the coronavirus pandemic causes tension

Speaking of the Google core update 2020, an update was rolled out in the month of January that caused tension amongst the marketers. While they were trying to adjust their SEO strategies according to the update, there came another Google core algorithm update this month. A few amongst the webmasters are talking about the bad timings of the Google update task machine core while the others are gearing up to match their standard with this new update.

Here’s how a few people responded to it:

@qriswell tweets: “All the months of work I spend on this in order to position some keywords, today went to waste. What happened due to this update? We all lost out”

@Major9000 tweets: “This update is brutal for small businesses, so many map issues.”

@WallStrategies tweets: “Why is everyone freaking out? This is good news. Haha, just keep your content good and useful 😊”

While some have encountered their ranked keywords disappearing, the others see themselves growing. It is not completely a turn-off to all of us.

How Google May 2020 core update has affected search engine rankings?

Google core algorithm update

Publishers have totally experienced a drastic change in the traffic of the landing pages and all the webpages where the traffic was the highest. Clicks and impressions have decreased to 70% post update. Google is conducting a thorough test on the search engine rankings and is seen to impact the publishers writing about Apple technology.

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No industry is targeted specifically with the Google core update 2020 but it has hurt the numerous factors like understanding the information provided by the webpages.

Considering the present scenario, the pandemic coronavirus has brought more than a million websites writing about coronavirus and a few of them are only doing this for traffic. This was the reason why Google’s keyword planner didn’t show any keyword suggestions for “coronavirus” or any other related terminology.

The positive impact of the new update

If your website is relevant and posting the right content, you have already seen the reward in Google Analytics. The whole point of Google’s strictness lies in keeping your website genuine, to the point, and updated.

Google core update positive impact

It is just like the Almighty asking us to be a good human and when we fail to do that, we get the part of the punishment. This is exactly what Google is trying to explain.

Your aim might be to make money from your website but it should not talk about something it is not meant for. There are various organic ways to write good content and get better ranking but website owners are opting for black hat SEO tactics to rank better and they are facing the consequences as well.

Google May 2020 core update is a big deal as analyzed by experts. Review your web analytics and find out how the Google May 2020 core update has impacted your business website. If you have recently begun optimizing your website, chances are, you are hit with the update. Now, you might be wondering how to improve your website, if it has been impacted due to the Google May 2020 core update. Well, all you can do is to optimize your content by making sure that it is original, informative, and free from plagiarism.

How can you save your online business post update?

By now, you must have got a fair idea of what all the Google core algorithm update talks about. Whenever Google rolls out an update, it focusses on the users’ improving their content quality.

Let us accept, somewhere, we have been spinning the articles but it won’t do now. With every new update, Google becomes a strict teacher asking the students to improve their scorecard or they’d get an F grade. And, this is something bad. We probably have explained this already, but let us elaborate on what publishers should do.

How to svae businesses post the Google core update 2020

Update webpages with relevant content and not just keywords

When the SEOs tell their writers to update the content of a specific webpage and give a few trending keywords, they simply add 100 more words with the keywords they get. But this is not something we should be doing.

Rather, at this point, a professional content writer is supposed to research the topic again and find additional information missing in the content. This can be added using related keywords.

Presentation of content is still winning

The way you present your content still carries the maximum weightage after the Google core update 2020. When the newbies heard about the new Google May 2020 core update, they didn’t know how to take it and what they should do.

While the others who have presented their content well and posting relevant stuff are winning the game of Google May 2020 core update.

It is important to organize your content well and post the right information. We might know this for many years now, but are we really following it?

Today, we all are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic and no strategy is being invented to stop the count of dying people. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Following the right SEO practices

If you are leveraging from the Search Engine Optimization techniques to promote your website, it is essential to opt for organic SEO techniques in 2020, or Google will take you down in no time.

You can get the expected rankings in less than a month, maybe. But it won’t stay for long. By now, you know everything on how to improve your rankings.

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In case you need help with doing better SEO that brings organic traffic, connect with us at hello@seocontentstudio.com

We do not support black hat SEO for quick results. Let us stand together in the times of pandemic coronavirus and follow the roads of Google. Until then, stay home, and stay safe!


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