As shown in the researches by major IT companies, the need for Data Entry and server maintenance is expected to fall in the coming years. New age career opportunities are emerging by opening ways for digital platforms with domains like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Cyber Security etc.

No denying the fact that in this fast advancement of technology, the automated machines are sure to replace a million jobs in the upcoming years.

As per the reports put forth by Han Digital Solution in Bangalore, DevOps, UI/UX, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Data Scientists, IoT architects, Azure consultants are going to win the employment market by conducting increased hiring in the coming years.

The future of AI and Automation

8 out 10 IT companies are hunting for candidates that acquire digital skills. Various Talent Acquisition teams have witnessed the increased rate of employers who are adopting digital technology.

According to the employment stats, 15% of the employment acquired digital skills in 2015 that went up to 30% in the year 2017 and expecting up to 40% in the next year.

There are areas of digital talents like Big Data Architect, Cyber Security architect that are generating fewer job opportunities but that doesn’t mean it is not an option worth considering. It might offer lesser opportunities but it raises the competition and pays off a larger sum of salary as compared to other digital skills like Data Scientist or AI architect.

Average pay for your Digital Skills

The major job roles that are in demand, possesses a high pay-scale that cannot be easily achieved in non-digital sectors.

Big Data Architect is raising almost 20L per annum followed by Cyber Security Engineer with 19L, IoT Architect with 13.44L, AI Architect with 13.4L, DevOps Engineer with 12.95L, Azure Consultant with 9.27L and Data Scientist with 8.5L.

Emerging new-age Digital Skills

Technology has been moving fast with the evolving of these hot digital skills in Business Process Management and Information Technology companies.

Tech-savvy is re-skilling their digital talents in the present pool of skills which is going to gear up with the talent demand and supply in our country.

Urgency for Re-skill

With the buzzing tech engine, there is a need for the candidates to keep updated with the latest digital trends with a variety of short-term courses available online.

Nearly 60% of 10,000 IT professionals are looking forth to hone their digital skills with minimum 6-7 years of experience.

Big Data Architect is the leading Game

A Big Data Architect (BDA) acts as a mediator between the big data and the business.

A BDA is a one-man army who works on various tasks like collaborating with software architects, program & product managers, system architects, design analysts, implementing and securing solutions.

This process is definitely a big deal.

With the rise in demand and the increased average salary for these digital skills, employment future is surely going to be embellished with golden stars.

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