If someone adds insult to your injury by saying, “you need to think more globally” at a position of HR President, it could be underestimating and frustrating at the same time. Your mind might be baffling because this was not just an insult but insult without explanation. You have no idea what to do further.

Today’s changing world of Information Technology is consistently being reshaped by technological progress. Entrepreneurs are shifting to new ways of production, expanding markets and paving ways to global strategic thinking.

Rising digital platforms has now allowed employers to reach candidates faster than ever before, resulting in changing the skills that employers seek these days. Candidates are expected to be better at problem-solving, adaptability, team-work and thinking globally.

Demands of technology have been high these days further creating a call for understanding the bigger picture. Organizations expect employees to be sprier nowadays. You could be in any role but the steps for improving your global thinking will be the same.

Changing your mindset is where you must begin from. This can happen in whatever department you deal in. Once you consider yourself the part of your job, you can develop your mindset with great ease.

Observe the Organizational Trends

Maybe you were not seeing the bigger picture. The work you were doing and at which you were supposed to do was different as you were probably using a ‘heads down’ approach ignoring the ‘lift up’ approach. You are supposed to consider both internal and external trends.

Missing important information like focusing, being proactive and prioritizing the talent issues in your fast-growing entrepreneur might result in an unexpected loss. Approaching your job in a transactional manner for a hire won’t get you anywhere if you don’t recognize the newest approach to recruit and retention as well.

Having a deep understanding of your industry, its context, business-driving sources and the latest trends is important. To introduce the current data and looking for a new trend is not just enough, there is a lot more that needs to be done. There are a few things that you must do:

  • Inculcate in your routine to explore all about the internal trends of your organization. You must be proactive to the day to day issues that are being raised in your organization.
  • Connect with your colleagues and understand more about the industry and the organization. This will give you a deep understanding of the marketplace.
  • What your organization offer to the world, explore the one-step-ahead level strategy and how it has been affecting the corporate level.

Neil Harbisson at Ci2017 Australia has discussed the problems and challenges faced by individuals in the process of global thinking. He also highlighted the wicked problems that call for a need to collective and systematic solution.

Big Picture Approach

Focused on the future, Global thinking is something that every employee needs to work on. Thinking on a faster pace needs a bigger approach to be followed.

To work better towards global thinking you must shift your mindset to the circular which explains that everything we see, do and explore is interrelated. Every decision has a result known as the ripple effect. We all understand ripples and an intelligent person would make good use of even the smallest decision to get a ripple effect. There is another significant shift that we call synthesis in which we fuse two or more things together to get something new. So, set your thinking about how you can make an amalgam of two totally new parts and bring a new trend.

Start thinking out of the box, broadening your thinking is what will help you become a global thinker. In the beginning, it is okay to miss some intricate interactions. Here are some noteworthy points that will help you start your journey being a better global thinker:

  • Effects and consequences of your decision.
  • Parts of the system that must be involved.
  • Long-term insights into the company.
  • If your actions are leading the company towards their goal or not.
  • Are your actions leading you towards the company’s vision?
  • Impact of you works on the company’s progress.

A global thinker, when thinking of a possibility must take into context, a wider perspective, consider unlimited possibilities and other included implications. Make use of logical and creative reasoning to land on a decision. Creative thinking will only kick in when your logical thinking and vision will be parallel.

Observe every situation with a holistic approach; there are multiple interventions to any problem. Intrinsic systems intelligence has been introduced a long time back. If we nurture it in the right way, it can give surprising depth to the growth of any organization.

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Alexandru · March 12, 2019 at 2:42 pm

That really impressed me, I will share this.

    admin · December 8, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Thank you so much. 🙂

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