How do you assess your employee’s performance?

Do you conduct any regular Q/A session to address their issues and take feedback for the company?

It’s high time for the HR department to start thinking about conducting a performance review session. This is the most effective way to engage, motivate and assess your employees. But, they can go totally wrong if the right strategies are not involved and can become meaningless without offering any productivity to the organization.

It is important to conduct a fair performance review that is efficient and productive at the same time. The trick is to not to shy away from what the employees have to say about you. You cut what you sow; so be careful what you sow and ready to cut it. If you have hired the right employee, you will get the expected reviews.

Around 50% of the employees feel that it is a tool of no help and does not motivate the employees. It is a corporate checklist that needs to be considered for employees’ engagement, performance enhancement, and productivity, which is what 20% of the surveyed workers believe.

Questions for Feedbacks!

Getting feedback is a two-way process where both the employer and employees are involved. Rather than just checking with employees feedback, employers can use the below questions that can actually help them get feedback worth it.

  • What are the key strengths of the company you think we should leverage more?
  • How do you think as an organization we could do to be more effective?
  • What’s that you liked about me as an HR?
  • How can I support you at your position and do you think I am currently supporting?
  • What’s that you hate and love about your job?

Question for Assessment and Alignment!

It is not just for the leaders to improve but also for the employees to work out better on themselves as a part of the company. Facilitate success in your workplace and be more effective in understanding their concerns. You can start the session with these questions:

  • What do you think the company goals and vision are?
  • Do you think you are contributing to them, how?
  • Do you think you can meet your personal goals in this organization?
  • What motivates you to come to work?
  • Is there anything that demotivates you for work?
  • Do you think there are any practices that need to be reworked on?

These questions will give the leaders, an insight about the current scenario of the workplace and creates transparency between the HR and employees as well.

We often give it a pause when we receive poor and inaccurate reviews. It should rather be a positive and productive session than an unnecessary boring and frustrating one.

If you feel that you are still lagging behind in your peer to peer, 360, and employee reviews, you can also choose to invest in Performance Management Software.

When to buy Performance Management Software?

Performance management software is a great way to streamline the process of performance appraisal. But, you must only invest in the software if you have below concerns:

  • If you are receiving complaints about your current performance system.
  • The HR department put in a lot of time to manage and organize the performance review paperwork.
  • There is a manual process to deal with all the documents.
  • Employee engagement is low as compared to higher turnover rates.
  • KPIs and deadlines are generally missed due to the inefficient management process.
  • You think there are risks involved when it’s time for compensation, rewarding or for employee termination.

How it will help?

 Everything in place

The foremost benefit of this tool is to bring all the performance and key data in one organized locale. When there is everything organized in one place, it makes it easier to reach the data for assessment helping the managers to make better decisions.

Stores all reviews

The software helps the leaders to collect, organize and store all the reviews in place and will send reminders and notifications to the concerned employee or leader for their responsibilities or any change involved.

360-degree reviews

This could be a rewarding feature if used correctly. This feature offers smooth ongoing of the process as it has an anonymous and structured assessment. There could be two or more people involved in the performance review of an employee; the software manages all of them together without creating chaos and notifying all the concerned positions involved to present their feedbacks.

Performance Tracking

This feature allows one and all to assess the projects clearly and keeps in mind to set a reminder for the employees if they hit their mark or still need more guidance. Being available to all employees and the leaders, it keeps everyone on one page so that they align themselves better to perform better eventually.

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