COVID-19 has tremendously changed our lifestyle and the way we used to work. It is been a long time under the lockdown and it is getting harder to hold back our feeling to go out. This is undoubtedly taking our freedom to work from home and many of us are finding it difficult to understand how to concentrate on work. But why? Can we do something about it?

When it all started, most of us were a little relaxed spending time with our family and working from home. Everyone had thoughts about saving their traveling time and little savings for a few months. There were countless plans for conceptualizing the long-pending strategies, starting a blog, designing the small business logo, or reading the book that is still lying on the shelf of your bedroom.

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Present situation under lockdown

“Lockdown is sure going to cut me through my social life but there is my passion to pursue and a lot of other activities that I can do at home. I am not going to be bored!”

Most of you had this in your mind, right?

But well, there is something bad that we have discovered and you might want to read this out. We spoke to some of our clients and asked them how they are concentrating on work during the lockdown and here’s what we got.

work from home

  • “I wake up at 8 AM and my daughter makes my morning coffee so that I can work because there is a team to handle. Everyone is working from home and it is been a long time now, it is getting on my nerves. I have to cook, do the dishes, clothes, and handle my team of 150 employees under me. I just want everything to end now.”  –  Sophia, Black Diamond
  • “I felt a little happier when the officials announced a lockdown since I never got to spend time with my family but now, I believe it is a lot to take. I am helping my wife with the household chores and am doing meetings as well. Sometimes I am just staring at the walls because it is a lot of time that I haven’t seen anything new and staring at the wall feels better. Maybe I am going mad.”  – Jonas, Seattle
  • “Whenever my mom calls me for help, I am working. I feel bad that I am unable to help here since I do not let my employees down as well. It feels so distracted at home. I hope we get rid of COVID-19 soon. AMEN”  – Jessica, Auburn

No matter what our mind processes about the lockdown, a question has stuck in our mind, “how to concentrate on work during the lockdown?”.

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We all are trying to tackle the situation considering it ‘normal’ but as the days are passing, we are facing a ‘new challenge’ with isolating us and feeling #quarantined. There is a lot of information out there to understand how to concentrate at work but when it comes to applying all these techniques, people usually fail to do that. So, we recently discovered a concept of colored noise to concentrate on work.

How to concentrate at work with colored noise?

This is not a situation that people have faced before so there are many who are struggling to cope up with the situation. But there is always a solution to every first-time-struggle.

This is article is not going to discuss the old and boring techniques of accepting reality and establishing healthy habits but there is something new we have today.

Have you ever heard about white noise? Here’s how it sounds like:

The concept of colored noise is not new and a study conducted in the year 1972 also supported the idea that white noise improves concentration and productivity.

How white noise helps in improving concentration?

Speaking of concentration, our brain is much focused on everything it hears to understand what helps in improving concentration. When you have to work from home and concentration becomes the biggest question, along with positivity, you need something concrete. Colored noise is the solution.

Every new notification in your phone, your baby laughing, crying, wife’s cooking, or any other distraction gives your brain an alert with a message:

This change in my surroundings needs my attention NOW!

This is where background noise helps you concentrate at work. Your brain is advanced and understands all the patterns that it takes. It recognizes every change and understands which one helps you concentrate better. White noise considers a random frequency of noise in the background which might be unpleasant to some.

As the pitch increases, it starts becoming more painful which might be the ultimate solution. Humans are made to appreciate pleasant sounds and white noise could be unpleasant to them. That said, white noise did not show much success in improving concentration at work.

Pink Noise vs. Brown Noise

As compared to the white noise, pink noise is more pleasant to the human mind. It creates a balance of frequencies that makes it possible for you to concentrate better.

Undoubtedly, with the COVID-19, came a lack of concentration, productivity, and people have started feeling bored at home even after having tons of work. This sounds oxymoronic (two opposites talked together like ‘a little more’), right?

Pink noise is made filtering the pleasant sound even if the pitch increases. If you consider a white noise as static, pink noise is more like the raindrops in the storm. Listen to it while you are working:

Countless people recorded that pink noise has helped them improve their concentration more than the white noise which is a little distorted. We highly recommend you to try listening to pink noise in your background and see if it improves your concentration at work.

While on the other hand, brown noise is more refined as compared to the pink noise. This noise was designed keeping in mind the humans adapting to a higher frequency. Brown noise has little or no high frequencies and gives us a clear and deep pleasant sound. You can consider it as the sound of waves when you are at a beach.

Turn on some brown noise and see if you can work.

How background noise impact productivity?

By now, you have three different types of background music or noise to improve your concentration on work. If you are now wondering if this can help improve your productivity, the answer is YES but only a certain type of music helps increase your productivity level.

Gentle music: Gentle music is the one with soft and soothing sounds that do not change very quickly and has no lyrics. A great example is a baroque music.

No Lyrics music: Music with no lyrics allows you to concentrate and improves the flow of your work. When your mind listens to lyrics, it expresses the desire to sing along, which is something most of us do. If you are doing creative work that requires your 100%, it is always recommended to turn on no lyrics music.

Final thoughts

Whether you are working on an important project or performing a household chore, the background music always helps in increasing your concentration, productivity, and creativity.

This is a time when we should get less frustrated and stay more positive and focused on the tasks at hand. Colored noise is an older and ignored concept. Our colleagues at SEO Content Studio have tried working with all the three colored noise and mentioned how they improved their concentration with pink and brown noise.

It is proven and can help anyone struggling to focus on working from home. We highly recommend our readers to try working with colored noise and see the results. Do let us know in the comment section below which colored noise helped you improving concentration.

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Jay Ricky · May 4, 2020 at 6:39 am

It really helped me a lot. It sounds strange that noise can improve concentration but it is quite effective. It improved my concentration at work. Where do you get such info? Amazing!

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