For those who do not work at a grocery or departmental store, it is quite a task to stay home. It is hard but deep down we all know it is for our good. There is no denying the fact that COVID-19 has a stronghold upon countless business leaving a few.

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Is coronavirus fatal?

Undoubtedly, coronavirus is fatal because we have already seen how it has taken the lives of countless people in China, France, Italy, and the States. Even the most powerful country, America did not come out with a proven solution to fight against coronavirus.

While on one hand, Indian youth is posting coronavirus memes, other countries are still working on the coronavirus vaccine and other measures to prevent the coronavirus symptoms. Symptoms of the disease barely come to notice that makes it difficult for anyone to understand if that person is affected or not.

So, if someone asks: is coronavirus fatal?

Yes, it is fatal and not only it is taking human lives but also bringing out the worse of any industry by failing the most of them. Countless companies including the industry pioneers had to shut down their businesses in order to fight the coronavirus outbreak. But, do you think this is enough?

WHO (World Health Organization) has been releasing daily statistics and the situation reports on coronavirus. 74 situation reports till 3rd April and the risk is “VERY HIGH”. Considering the fact, who do you think would be in a state to move out and resume their regular business activities?

Would you take the risk to go out?

In this pandemic, people are losing their lives, it is sure to impact every business. While more than a trillion countrymen are every day searching for the coronavirus live update to keep them posted, others are finding a way to survive professionally. But, there are a few winning the game.

Any digital marketing agency is hitting the revenue because they are doing it remotely and online. Almost every digital marketing agency today is working from home while there are millions of other workers who have lost their jobs amidst the shut down due to COVID-19.

What are your plans for lockdown due to COVID-19?

If you are tired of sitting at home and want to explore opportunities in remote work at home jobs, you should get going with this insightful information. We all know how coronavirus is affecting digital marketing the days. With respect to the latest statistics and coronavirus live update, there are high chances that the LOCKDOWN is going to continue in most of the countries. Digital marketing during lockdown has been gaining much popularity. It is also impacted many businesses so far.

According to the latest report of Business Insider, many countries have announced complete lockdown due to coronavirus until the mid of April. Here is a list of countries that went under the lockdown announced by the government officials:

 Singapore, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, India, UK, Australia, Jordan, Argentina, Israel (partial), Belgium, European Union, Germany, Malaysia, France, Morocco, Kenya, Spain, Poland, Ireland, and Italy.

Lockdown in India

Needless to say, there are high chances of EXTENSION and with you being home, remote work at home jobs and solopreneur are gaining popularity.

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What is remote work?

Put simply, remote work at home jobs are the ones that allow an individual to work from home. You do not have to visit the office but you work in the comfort of your home, a coffee shop, or anywhere you like.

Speaking of remote work, digital marketing in lockdown is probably the only industry that seems to benefit from the marketers. You can grow from wherever you are; this is the power of digital marketing.

This is the one and only reason why remote jobs are a hit amidst the fight against COVID-19. Where big brands like Flipkart, Morrison, PepsiCo, Campbell, and many others are offering bonuses to their employees in the COVID-19 pandemic, others are allowing remote jobs to their employees.

Who are these companies offering remote work at home jobs?

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Speaking of a remote job, one should not miss a digital marketing company. The success of any digital marketing company does not depend on visiting the office. You can be at the comfort of your couch and still offer productivity.

Today, over 80% of digital marketing agencies are employing remote workers and have reported that they have seen improved productivity as compared to physical employees.

“Employing remote workers who belong to diversified cultures has helped us understanding our customer base that is across the globe”, says the owner of a digital marketing company.

“Hiring remote workers has made it possible for our employees to deal with clients from different time zones”, says another CEO from a digital marketing agency.

You are getting the best employees in the world, no matter the city, state, or country.

This has made any other company except digital marketing agency to rethink and start working even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already explained that it increases productivity and allows anyone to work in different time zones. Let us see some more significant benefits of remote working:

Employee-centered approach

Numerous studies have shown that remote workers are happier than 9-5 counterparts due to obvious reasons. One of those reasons could be office politics followed by traveling stress, over-time, and a complaining boss.

If a company hires you as a remote worker, it is self-understood that the owner must be understanding which is true to some extent. Also, while they are not wasting their time in commuting, they are maximizing their focus more on the work and the unavoidable household chores.

This makes it understandable that the remote workers will be more efficient, productive, creative resulting in happy clients, something any company would want.

Improved mental health

Under this boring lockdown period, there are many people missing their late-night homecoming after work while the spouse is asleep. But well, it was also keeping you from a healthy mind, body, and family time. How many times do you remember missing your child’s PTM or your boyfriend’s birthday because your Manager could not approve a casual leave?

Whether you pick a remote job or work from home on your online business, it will give you the missing peace of mind. You have 15 days to put your actions to work.

How to benefit from digital marketing during lockdown?

Gaining weight alone at home

Nobody knows how long the lockdown is going to be but till the time you are at your home comfort, start something that you would want. Follow your passion and let your dreams live. Whether it was the small business startup idea you had or your job as a remote worker in your dream brand, go for it.

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While people are waiting to go out, help your spouse with the daily chores, and pull up your socks because you have everything you need. Follow our lead:

  • Make a plan to action
  • Gather the required data
  • Implementation (Take 1)
  • Find the loopholes
  • Improve them and implement again (Take 2)
  • Repeat until you succeed

Remember, even if you have 15 days at home, you can follow the basic above mentioned plan and see where it goes because you have nothing to lose.

How SEO Content Studio can help?

Digital marketing has proved its success even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a digital marketer, you know how to continue growing while others are waiting for the government to announce their country, free from the lockdown.

We have helped our customers with digital marketing in lockdown so that they grow better. While the world has paused its businesses, we have given our audience a platform to develop with digital marketing during lockdown.

If you always thought of having a website or start your blog, do not keep that for later because you have all the time in the world. The golden period of 15 days is sure to give you something.

If you are still thinking to give yourself a second thought, it is time to understand the impact of digital marketing on COVID-19.

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You are not alone!

Below is the complete list that includes the services anyone would need and how we can help.

  • Brand your ignored business. Have you created a website long ago and wish to continue? We will help you with our branding business so that even amidst COVID-19, you will grow with our services. From the best logo design online to full-fledged designing, our package design agency will do it all.
  • Own a business? Promote it today and see results when you join back. If you are still searching “the best SEO service near me”, your search ends here. While we all are stuck in the lockdown due to COVID-19, we will be promoting your business so that you have enough on the table to get the fair share of the profit you deserve.
  • Following a past passion for blogging? Our high-quality content writers will pen down your feelings and memories. Whether it is a food blog or a travel blog, we have got what you need. Outsource copywriting services or simply pen down your golden memories; we have the best SEO content writers for you.
  • Making food or gardening videos? Whatever videos you create, we take complete responsibility for making sure that we edit them and revamp them like never before. Our computer graphic design services will make you fall for the videos and will leave your audience flabbergasted.
  • Monetizing your website? Smart idea! If you have plans to monetize your blog, it follows a process. First, you would need a website, followed by a lot of content writing, and finalized by the SEO service. When you will have sufficient traffic on your website, VOILA! We will add some ads to get you money. Seems easy but its something only professionals like us can do.

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Today, you have every opportunity to become better which might not come back tomorrow. Think for yourself!

Let us sum up!

It is true that everyone is stuck at home because of the lockdown due to coronavirus but there is another fact that you can also grow while you are at home. You are stuck, but your thoughts are. It is completely alright to get your mind-boggling and having second thoughts of to do or not to do.

When you start a journey, you never know where the road might lead you. Consider it as success and keep moving; SEO Content Studio is happy to guide you.






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