It is no denying the fact that Maltese employers are facing a dearth of labor supply.  The productivity of the employees tends to decrease making it fierce for the recruiting personnel to hire more talents.

If we compare the supply data from 2017 to 2002, we see a drastic increase in the employment of females, old people and the number of foreigners. This makes it a little more complicated for the Maltese employers to hire talents and keep the economic engine buzzing.

The government’s addressing to the females in need!

With various benefits including free child-care services, tax rebates for the female workers who re-enter labor-work and other in-work benefits, the government has been addressing female workers more than compared to males.

The rate of female workers is much higher than male workers as compared to EU counterparts. Seeing the digits in part-time work, male workers are only 6.2% as compared to female workers who are 25.7%.

Women do not seek to re-enter employment after a pause!

Women in Malta who have been working at an early age have stopped seeking employment that has majorly contributed to low employment rate. The reason being the females aged over 40 declined their participation in involuntary part-time.

As women go above in their age, they seem to step back from enrolling themselves in more job opportunities due to increased responsibilities after marriage. They tend to indulge them more in their household chores than to go for a job since they know their husbands are already out for work.

Increased employment for the old-age cohort!

The ratio of old-age workers (61) has been 50% in the year 2010 which drastically increased to 79% in 2017. It is important for the old-age cohort to know that the retirement age in Malta is 65 years.

Foreign employees on an increase!

Foreign workers in Malta have been majorly contributing towards the GDP of Malta. As informed by a recent report by Jobsplus, if foreign workers stopped contributing to the employment ratio, the GDP will highly go down. The number of foreign workers has been 657 in the year 2016 which goes up to 2,895 in 2018.

It is clearly seen that the labor productivity in Malta has been increased in the past years as compared to EU (including Germany).

Though, with the other reasons that have been contributing rigorously towards declining the labor market, here are some best ways of how Maltese employers can attract talents:

Offer something that others don’t!

Offer something to your employees what others haven’t thought of yet. Peep into your competitors and see what different do they offer to their employees and how they make it more special.

Whatever they have to offer, think out of the box and grab a talent others could not. If your employees get what they are looking for, they’ll never leave you for another workplace.

Don’t add what you can’t commit!

Just like you have expectations from your employees, they have some expectations from you too. Give them the value of their work. From the moment an employee gets an interview call they start making an impression of what you’d be offering.

Always ask your employees of their experience and what they were expecting. You must always have a few questions in your mind, while you are interviewing a candidate. You should know where they found you, how they applied, why they applied, about their last company, why they left, if their expectations were met or not.

Promotion is always a go-on game!

If you think promotion is hampering your prestige, it is not. Whatever promotional channel you trust on, use it and promote your work as the best place to work at. Ask your employees to give a positive review of your company.

Are you looking up to something that could help you know how the employees review their company? Well, yes it’s based on mutual consent.

It is important to give your employees what your company is known for. If you tell them that the working hours are 10 6 p.m. and your employees are leaving at 8 or maybe later, you can never expect them to give you a thumbs up.

Here’s a secret tip!

When we talk about Malta, word of mouth always wins the game. So, be careful and attentive of what you give to your clients.

Patience is the key!

You will always have to wait for something good. Just like you take good care of your customers, you should take the best care of your employees as they are the ones catering to your customers.

They have the potential of either make or break your clients. It’s like watering your plants, the more you water them regularly, give them proper sunlight, the sweeter the fruit.

Just like that, trust your employees, give them attention and they will take care of your clients.

Above mentioned are some of the ways through which you can attract the best talent in Malta if you are an employer. The shortage in the labor market can surely be beaten by following these clicks, by heart.


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