If you are still wondering about the coronavirus vaccine progress, you can rest your thoughts. While everyone is looking out for coronavirus vaccine update, Oxford scientists have done it. They say that the coronavirus vaccine ChAdOx1 will be available by September. Without a doubt, the production of the 1M super vaccine for coronavirus has been ordered already.

Scientists at the University of Oxford promise a superfast vaccine for novel coronavirus which will be available by September. Prof. Sarah Gilbert gives a firm statement at the virtual press conference that she was working on the vaccine with the team and was sure that ChAdOx1 will work against coronavirus.

She has also promised 1M vaccines by the month of September.

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Fourth Coronavirus Vaccine for Trial

As per the coronavirus vaccine news, ChAdOx1 is only the fourth vaccine for COVID-19 to enter the trial.

Gone are the statements from America and China that the production of coronavirus vaccine will take 12-18 months. Prof. Gilbert mentions that her team along with her, they were working to bring out the vaccine for an X Disease which, according to them, is a name given to an unknown disease that was going to become a pandemic in the future. She added that they have to ready to fight against the disease.

“With ChAdOx1 technology, already 12 clinical trials have been conducted against different diseases; we consistently see a very good vaccine safety and very strong immune response with a single dose, while some other vaccine technologies such as RNA and DNA need two or more.”

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Passing the Trial

Prof. said that they were confident about the coronavirus vaccine and they have already started manufacturing the super vaccine for coronavirus.

According to Oxford’s Prof. Adrian Hill, he laments that his team was confident about the vaccine and he did not want the stage to arrive when the trials end and they do not have a vaccine.

“We have started at-risk manufacturing this vaccine — not on a small scale but with a network of seven manufacturers in different places across the world. We have three manufacturing partners in the UK, two in Europe, one China and one in India,” he said.

High Possibility of Working

There is a three-phase trial that starts with 510 volunteers and expected number could reach 5, 000 by the third phase.

Oxford researchers believed that their ChAdOx1 is safer than any other candidate vaccine and it will also save a lot of time during the authorization process.

Gilbert’s team was also awarded £2·2 million grant from the National Institute of Health and Research, UK and Research and Innovation, UK this year to scale up the work process.

The team added that they have been working with philanthropists to make sure that the vaccine is available in the countries where it is needed the most.

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