If you have been finding it difficult to increase search traffic on your website and acquire more leads, it is possible that a high bounce rate is responsible for all of it.

But wait before you start searching for how to reduce bounce rate on website. Let’s first understand what is bounce rate and what can be termed as a good bounce rate.

Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who come to your site but decide to leave without giving your products or services a chance. A bounce rate is only good if you see a conversion, i.e. the visitor has been turned into an interested buyer.

A high bounce rate is an indication that you were not successful in convincing the visitors to stay and act on the call to action, i.e., buy your products. It is a sign that your website needs a better strategy.

So, here are some of the tips that might help you reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions. Let’s get started.

Improve the readability of your content

Your potential customers might just leave your website because the content lacks readability. Great user experience starts with delivering legible and readable content. Those long paragraphs of text will simply bore your readers and scare them away.

improve readability of content to better impact for your users

Even careless formatting can ruin great content and lead to a higher bounce rate. It doesn’t let the customers realize the value of the content and affects their user experience.

So, divide your content into smaller parts, and make it easy to scan.

Optimizing the placement of the call to action

Users take not more than a few seconds to decide whether or not a website is worth their time. At times, they won’t even scroll. They simply look at the visible area and decide whether to stay or move on.

placement of CTA

So, your first step when someone asks “how to reduce bounce rate in WordPress?” should be to decide a place for CTA. It needs to immediately put your message out there with a visible and attractive call to action.

Make sure that your call to action is honest and clear. Low conversions and high bounce rates also come from Call-To-Actions that mislead the users and deliver a poor user experience.

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Improve the speed of the website

As stated earlier, users take a few seconds to decide about your website. You can’t waste their time by showing them blank web pages that take forever to load scripts and download content.

Improve the speed of the website

According to studies, 37% of visitors bounce back when your website takes more than five seconds to load. Now, you can imagine how such a high percentage would affect your sales.

In this regard, make sure your website ticks the following boxes, in order to keep the bounce rate in check:

  • Use a good content delivery network
  • Optimize the images
  • Put in improved caching
  • Move to a faster hosting provider

Don’t mess up the UX with popups

Whether to keep popups or not is a topic of intense debate among digital marketers, but the general consensus among the customers is that they are annoyed by popups.

And, annoying the users increases your bounce rate.

Customers tend to leave when popups continuously disturb their reading. Some digital marketers end up using aggressive language in the popups, which is even more annoying and creates a poor user experience.

It’s understandable that marketers love popups because they help in growing your email subscriber list. But, there is a good way of doing it as well if you really want to include pop-ups to your site. Make the popups less commanding and absolutely unobtrusive to get the job done.

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Targeted landing page and A/B Testing

It is crucial to run A/B tests when your call to action or headline is not working. There are two ways to go about it:

  • Use separate content strategies for every page and do A/B split testing to note the performance of each of these pages.
  • Have separate landing pages to target different keywords, regions, audiences, and the likes.

If you serve an international customer base, then try to detect the user’s location to show localized landing pages to them. Putting up content in their own currency, cultural background, and language is a great way of improving user experiences.

Using videos for engaging the audience

Use the youtube videos for engaging the audience

Videos have a high engagement rate, and if you are thinking about how to reduce bounce rate e-commerce, you need to know that videos get more attention than images or even texts. You can have a full-screen video to act as the background, or simply put it beside the call to action.

Videos allow you to be as creative as you want. You can use audios, narration, music, animation, and a lot of other ideas to make it a powerful tool of persuasion.

Besides, you do not need a huge budget to create a small and effective video.

Let the customers be your voice

You will notice that many sites have a testimonial slider at the bottom that shows quotes from its customers. It gets the job done and you can increase its effectiveness.

Convert the testimonials into your success story by adding storytelling elements like illustrations, video, and audio for showcasing the support of your customers. In fact, you can just have a separate page solely for testimonials, if that’s possible.

People love actual customer stories like these, and it will build their trust in you.

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Have a blog with fresh and relevant content

It’s widely known that keeping your website blog fresh with relevant content is a great way of yielding the best return on investment. After all, content is the second most important thing after website design that makes a visitor stick around.

However, to generate more leads, you need content that is both powerful and informative.

It should not just get that ‘wow’ from your readers, but also offer them a solution for their problem and an answer to their query. It will bring them back to your website to re-consider your products or services.

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Summing up

Hopefully, you now have a clear idea about what to do for increasing conversions and decreasing the bounce rate. It is important to mention in this regard that even after applying the tips mentioned above, don’t expect the conversion rates to jump up high within a day or two. The methods are effective for sure, but all good things take time. Just keep at it, and the results will definitely show. For more info and queries, contact us.

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Greg · May 24, 2020 at 8:19 am

I read it till the end and really enjoyed reading it. You have mentioned great tips that I can use for my own website. Thank you so much SEO Content Studio. I have marked your website in my fav and I really like your content.

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Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Ricky Tooda · June 20, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Great article. I have read your article but I am having trouble with decreasing the bounce rate of my website. I am adding content, doing good SEO. Can you help?

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